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I am a San Francisco artist, deeply inspired by the beauty all around us: the contradictions, humor, connections and straight up gorgeousness of City and Nature.

This work captures the experience of personal challenges, delights, loves, perspectives and perceptions. Projected on this place from a crow's nest in San Francisco. It pays homage to the eternal history alive in the buildings, neighborhood and ever-changing community.

The structures and objects of our environment, natural or man-made, are records of time eroded by the elements, existing in various states of patina. Individually, each contains the history of its own life and also the memory of the lives that have passed through, leaving remnants of their transformative process.

Much like we experience moving through space, I hope to draw the viewer in by balancing details with abstraction, this interplay invites one to travel through the painting, as through space, lingering on the details that tell the story of this place. Balance is found through developing the surface, leaving airy and spontaneous elements for the viewer to roam, then grounding it by building up detail. At the end, what is left is much like with the buildings themselves, a record and history of its process.