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To inquire about my work, please contact me at:


Solo Exhibitions:

Open Studios
San Francisco, CA 2012

One World Cafe-
San Francisco, CA 1999

Cordell Taylor Gallery-
Salt Lake City, UT 1995-Installation

Group Exhibitions:

ArtLaunch 2012
SOMArts Cultural Center San Francisco, CA 2012

California College of the Arts-
San Francisco, CA 2001-Staff Show

Olpin Gallery-
Salt Lake City, UT 1995- Fire & Water Commencement Exhibition

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

California College of the Arts-
San Francisco, CA 2000-present-Associate Director of Advising

Green TV-
San Francisco, CA 1998-2000-Office Manager

Sarcos/Westworld Jurassic Park Theme Park-
Salt Lake City, UT 1995-1996-Artist

University of Utah Art Department-
Salt Lake City, UT 1995-Studio Assistant


The Lab-
San Francisco, CA 1996-Gallery Assistant

Peterson Art Center-
Salt Lake City, UT 1995-Studio Assistant, Instructor


San Francisco, CA 1997

Utah Arts Festival-
Salt Lake City, UT 1995-Demonstrating Artist

Peterson Art Center-
Salt Lake City, UT 1995-Guest Lecturer


University of Utah-
Salt Lake City, UT 1995-BFA



When I moved from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, the transition marked the shedding of an old self. Like so many before me who were drawn to this place, I put on a new life. Paintings from the Pink Room represents the cycle of my art practice; it reveals an ending, a continuation and a beginning that encapsulates my path and my goals as an artist.

After working in various forms—photography, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, film, installation and design—the Pink Room made it possible for me to finally reconnect with drawing and painting. Experience from these other media constantly finds its way into the work, and continues to inspire my process and technique. But San Francisco has brought me home to the fact that I am, fundamentally, a painter.